Software Quota

There are several reasons why it may makes sense to purchase a software quota.

1. Licenses required on demand

An organization may use Reuschtools on individual workstations.

If an adequate quota has been purchased, a member of the organization can independently retrieve a valid license by using the registered e-mail address. He might put his own e-mail address into the comment field of the order.

After receipt of the call the new license key will be sent to the registered e-mail address. The content of the comment field will be appended for forwarding the key to the member.

2. Deferred machine base

The license key is calculated using the computer name, the name of a computer on the network and the organisation. If one of these three properties has changed, the license key must be updated. A license should therefore be obtained only after the final installation of the machines.

3. Increased Support Class

Depending on how many licenses you have purchased, you are placed in a support class. The support is made from simple assistance to the rapid customization of the software to your needs.