Verifies if a USB flash or MicroSD drive is fake, corrupted or OK.

Unfortunately, many faked drives are in circulation.
Fake drives claim to have a much larger storage space than they really have.

If you write data to a fake drive
data loss will occure only after the existing memory is full.
This fact makes fake drives especially dangerous.

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FakeDriveCheck is part of the Reuschtools container.
After installing Reuschtools, FakeDriveCheck can also be launched from the Start Menu.

2 Features

  • Existing files will not be destroyed while a USB drive is verified.
  • Super fast verification.
  • No unplugging and plugging required.
  • Hot Plugging: FakeDriveCheck detects USB drives
    which are inserted after FakeDriveCheck has been started.
  • Free of any charges.
  • Anonymous download.
  • No hidden downloads, uploads or updates.
  • No setup required (Click To Run).

3 Disadvantages

FakeDriveCheck cannot guarantee that every fake USB drive will be detected.
Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
if a fake drive was not recognized.

But if a drive was recognized, it is definitely fake or defective.
Try to copy all existing data
and discard the drive,
or return it to the seller!

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