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1.2 Install-Restore DVD

Lifetime of hard drives seem to be without limit today, as some manufacturer claim their drives to last for more than 100 years. Nevertheless, it makes sense to create an external backup of a completely installed Windows® environment i.e. on DVD. A Install-Restore DVD will also contain the digital keys needed to read EFS-encrypted data that has been saved with Private-Backup.

A common Windows® 8 environment with office software can easily be stored on a standard DVD with 4.7 GB of capacity. Advanced installations might require a double layered DVD with 8.5 GB.

To burn a DVD in older versions of Windows® an additional burning software has be used. Beginning with Windows® Vista™ this is no longer necessary. Start by inserting a blank DVD into the drive to format it. For Windows® 8, you should click on the DVD drive and select 'Like a USB flash drive'.


Start the Install-Backup dialog now and select the DVD drive. The backup can be done simultaneously to multiple targets.


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