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Log System

All transactions are logged in detail and can be displayed in the integrated console. The user recognizes which files have changed since the last backup. By default the latest 30 logs are kept for analyzes.

Multiple targets simultaneously

All backups can serve multiple targets. The failure probability can be reduced to virtually zero by backing up a folder locally and simultaneously on multiple networked computers.

Industry standard Zip format

The archives use the Zip format, so they are readable without additional software, even from competing operating systems. A special repair sequence can read broken or only half existing Zip files.


In addition to an improved standard Zip encryption the Windows® built-in Encrypting File System (EFS) is fully implemented. To backup a folder confidentially without entering a password it is sufficient to mark it EFS encrypted. (EFS is not all Windows® versions available). The system is basically designed that it is impossible to backup any EFS encrypted data unencrypted.


Ease of use

A wizard allows even inexperienced user to quickly and easily start components. If necessary, additional options can be displayed. The integrated help system includes links to the manual. Many functions are integrated into the Windows® Explorer and can be started from the context menu.

Fully automatable

All programs can be launched from the command line. If a function is started with the wizard, the log shows the appropriate command. This can be directly incorporated into scripts or the Windows® Scheduled Tasks service. All operations can thus be time- or event-driven. This enables administrators to create automatic disaster recovery for all machines in their network.

6 months trial period

The software may be used free of charge on any computer for 6 months, so plenty of time to acquire a valid license.

You will be convinced!


No fragmentation of the hard drive into multiple partitions needed

Unlike with traditional image backup programs (low level) hard drives do not have to be divided and the total capacity can be fully be exploited. Data is safer, because the system partition itself can not be formatted accidentally or by malicious software.


Run-times relay on various conditions like i.e. other running programs in the background. Especially anti-virus software can decrease performance considerably, depending on their configuration. Advantageous, is therefore, beginning with Windows® 8, the use of the integrated antivirus software (Defender), as this can automatically be disabled while a restore operation is in progress.

Run-times were reduced if an operation is executed repeatedly. For a clean installation with office suite the following times could then be measured (7200 rpm HDD / 8.9 ms, Athlon™ 64 X2 5200 +, 2GB Ram):

Windows® XP Windows® 7
Install-Backup 1 Min 30 Sec 3 Min 35 Sec
Install-Restore 15 Sec 1 Min 30 Sec

Install-Restore is therefore suitable for regulary disinfecting the computer from malicious programs and to prevent from the typical aging process of Windows®.


All programs are highly optimized and do not depend on other run-time libraries. The installer includes both, the 32 - and the 64-bit version, it is only about 1 MB in size. Installing Reuschtools only takes seconds. No admin rights are required. The program files do not require any registration to run correctly.

what users say

Everything is going well, stable and reliable. I am very satisfied and recommend your program (45 licenses, personally and professionally as an administrator).

The Reuschtools are a software, that we use to backup our Windows machines. Itís the only solution we are aware off, that actually can restore a Windows installation on a running PC. We use it, to ensure that the PCs are protected against unwanted changes - including viruses and trojans. Reuschtools is easy to use, inexpensive, and we are so happy with the thing, that we actually made a video about it: HERE