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reuschtools components

install-backup, install-restore

Install-Backup backs up the entire Windows® operating system and installed programs. Personal files in the folder 'My Documents', 'My Pictures', 'My Music' and 'My Videos' are ignored.

Start Install-Restore always after having visited a questionable Web site or opened a suspicious e‑mail.

Install-Restore restores the saved installation. Subsequently installed programs are completely removed. Personal files of all user accounts in the backup are retained.

Repair and disinfect your PC from viruses, Trojans and other malicious programs in a few minutes. Stop wasting precious time looking for errors in your Windows® environment, just restore!

Advantages compared to traditional solutions:

  • No fragmentation of the hard drive into multiple partitions.
  • Multiple installations can be created on one partition. Thus, for example Windows® 7 and Windows® 8 can be installed on the same drive C:\. When booting the computer, the user can select which version to use.
  • Easily transfer an installation to another machine or a spare hard drive.
  • Each backup record contains all the necessary program files (less than 3 MB) for the recovery. Thus, Reuschtools does not have to be installed to restore a Windows® environment.
  • Recovery can run from any Windows® system or by using Windows® PE (Repair or Windows® DVD).


Remote-capable console and editor for files and output up to 1 GB.

  • Sophisticated features like bookmarks, regular expressions (this feature has been removed due to false positives from ClamAV, it is available on demand now), full screen or fast line break, even with large files (Console and Editor).
  • Search the output of your scripts and make-files, while they are running.
  • Opens and monitors running logs.
  • Drag and drop into the command line.
  • Implements hot-keys, command line completion and history of your command line interpreter (eg, bash, PowerShell).
  • The Console can be run visibly or invisibly in the background.
  • Reliable and flexible logging system.
  • Parameter, password and double password query when starting the Console.
  • The output of the Console is about twice as fast as the output of the conventional Dos Box.
  • A scheduling function can trigger regular backups, depending on the time a user is logged on.
  • Smart Scroll, convenient and fast scrolling by holding down the right mouse button.
  • The remote feature of the Console uses an encrypted connection to the target computer and automatically copies all Reuschtools program files into a temporary directory. Neither Reuschtools nor the Windows® Terminal Services must be installed on a target machine.

You can start a Console from the context menu of any drive or folder. A remote console can be started by right clicking on a network computer or network folder.

private-backup, private-restore

Applications for Private-Backup range from simple zip files over time scheduled cloud and network backups to highly secure backup clusters with worst case data loss of less than 5 minutes.

Save your personal data with Private-Backup daily

  • Documents and e-mails
  • Addresses and dates
  • Photos, databases, etc.

Just click the right mouse button on a folder and select Private-Backup to archive the content of the folder. To restore the folder on the same or another computer, select Private-Restore.

Advantages compared to traditional solutions:

  • Fast data compression via template technique.
  • Easy to use, the user interface adapts to the needs and the screen resolution of the user. In most cases backup or restore can be started with only one click.
  • Immediately finds all archives for a specific folder or drive, even if they are scattered on different disks or on the network.
  • Fully integrated EFS (Encrypting File System). This allows backups of confidential data in clouds or corporate networks without annoying passwords. EFS is not available in all Windows® versions.
  • EFS encrypted data will always be backed up encrypted. This guarantees maximum security for confidential information.
  • Easy data synchronization between multiple computers or multiple Windows® installations.

Private-Backup and Private-Restore can be started by a command line.

This flexibility enables to run backup or restore many different ways:

  • From the context menu (right click on a folder or zip file)
  • With a shortcut on the desktop or the Start Menu
  • With a keyboard shortcut (hot-key)
  • Automatically at regular intervals with the built-in scheduling feature or as a 'Scheduled Task'
  • From a local or remote script

The archives use the zip format and can therefore be opened by many operating systems without any additional software.

In addition to the files, the following information will be archived and restored:

  • Paths up to 1024 characters
  • short file names
  • Permissions (optional)
  • Permissions and properties of the root folder
  • Hard-links and reparse-points
  • Special characters (Unicode) in the paths

The standard was zip encryption has been improved so that it cannot be cracked anymore, as long as secure passwords are used. This is achieved by scrambling the Huffman trees and by the use of safe seed vectors. But zip encrypted archives can still be extracted by the built-in Windows® zip program.


The package includes other useful features:

  • Screen zoom, adjusts the screen resolution with a keyboard shortcut.
  • Export and comparison of the registry.
  • Child protection, limits the log-on time of a user regardless of when he 'works'.
  • Password generator
  • Individual expansion of context menu with sub menus and icons.
  • Setup of user accounts with EFS certificates.
  • ...

For more information, please refer to the manual.