for windows®

The good internet browser for Windows®

This is a picture of LobbyBrowser!


  • Less than 1 MB to download.
  • Simple, easy to use and Candy-Free.
  • Chromium core, if you have installed Microsoft® Edge Chromium.
  • More than 10 Search Engines selectable, enter a search string into the Address-Bar and change the search engine on the fly, to compare the different results. If you would like to listen to music, you could preselect YouTube i.g. as search engine. If you have a question select Wikipedia. You optionally could adapt the the search engines menu to your personal needs.
  • Multi-colored history, to rapidely jump back to a page you have been visiting, or to a search string you have entered.
This is a secure URL you have been visiting
This is an unsecure URL you have visited
This is a search string you previously have entered
This is a local URL or a folder or drive
This folder has been opened with the Windows® shell
  • Super Scroll, hold down the right mouse button to easily scroll through an Internet page.
  • Boss Key, just hit Esc to exit LobbyBrowser, if you were interrupted. Restart LobbyBrowser later, and you will be back at the same page and scroll position.
  • Drag and Drop into the Address-Bar, mark a string in an article and drop it into the Address-Bar to instantly launch a search on this subject.
  • Backspace navigate, hit Backspace to go to the previous URL or search string. Automatically disabled on input pages.
  • One hand control:
Full-Screen on/off Alt W
History open/close Alt S
Address-Bar focus/unfocus Alt A
Address-Bar show/hide Alt D


You are a hotel manager and have one or more PCs standing in your lobby:

Signalise to the guests passing by that your PCs are running. At the same time show them important information, which is allways up to date.

Just browse to your favorite Internet pages within LobbyBrowser i.g.:

  • Latest weather forecast
  • Spa opening hours
  • Todays resturant menu
  • Local tourist information

Now select Lobby->LobbyScreenSaver from the LobbyBrowser menu.

Like a common screen saver, the LobbyScreenSaver will start if a PC is idle. If the user moves the mouse, it will stop and the PC will either show the Desktop or the Lock-Screen, depending on your settings.


Same as LobbyScreenSaver. But if the user moves the mouse, the LobbyScreenSaver will
switch to Public Mode.

The user can click on a links now to get detailed information on the restaurant menu i.g.

The Windows® shell will not be accessible.
History and settings will not be stored.

After a certain time of idle the PC goes back to the LobbyScreenSaver. If the user exits the LobbyBrowser, the Desktop or the Lock-Screen will show up.


Suggestions for improvement
and bug reports are welcome.

This is real!

LobbyBrowser 1.0

  • Free and anonymous download.
  • Full unlimited version.
  • No hidden downloads, uploads or updates.
Size: 507 KB
Created: 07/10/2020

Pricing: 5 € per seat

You can try LobbyBrowser unlimited and for free as long as you like. If you use it, you must pay a license fee of 5 € per seat.

If you life in a country where labor cost is less than 5 € per hour, you are herby granted free licenses to all your machines.



Enter NOTHING to go to the search engine's start page.

The Address-Bar expands the following shortcuts:

. www.
* Computer no Chromium
*doc Documents Folder
*url Favorites Folder
*down Downloads Folder
*pro My Profile Directory
*net Network no Chromium
*control ControlPanel no Chromium

Open My Documents with Chromium:


Append a backslash to open it with the Windows® shell:


This opens drive C:\ with Chromium:


Command Line

LobbyBrowser starts from the command line:


You could append everything you would enter into the Address-Bar:



%LB% who has stolen my notebook

Please be aware that the Internet does not know everything.

LobbyBrowser handles URL files:

%LB% *url\General-Anzeiger.url

LobbyBrowser knows some command line switches:

-i shell icons
-l shell list
-d shell details
-oX registry slot
-p [history file] public

Open drive C:\ with the Windows® shell and show a detailed listing:

%LB% -d C:\

Start LobbyBrowser, but save all settings in registry slot 2:

%LB% -o2

Start LobbyBrowser in Public Mode with empty History:

%LB% -p 

Public Mode with predefined History.

%LB% -p *doc\MyHistory.txt