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2.2 Additional Windows® Environment

It is useful to create an additional Windows® environment to ensure that there is always a well running Windows® in case of emergency.

Open the Install-Restore wizard and select a drive. The input field for the clone identifier will appear at the right. You should enter 3 letters to identify the new Windows® environment (see manual 1.2.1). Click OK to restore.

The next time you start the computer a boot menu will appear for 3 seconds. Use the arrow keys ↑ and ↓ to select the new environment.

Restoring on a second hard disk can be useful. Install-Restore handles the necessary settings so that Windows® will start immediately from the second hard disk after a failure of the first.

The wizard only shows letters which belong to drives that can bare a running Windows® system.

The wizard does not show for example dynamic drives (often used in server systems) or USB drives if Windows® will not be able to start from them.
The first launch of a new Windows® environment takes a little longer because there are some caches to be refreshed.

The second launch of the new Windows® environment will be as fast as usual.

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