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Reuschtools Backup and Recovery for Windows®

Windows® klonen oder auf fremde Hardware umziehen
Create a backup of Windows® and your software.
Problems with Windows® will be history:
  • wrong settings,
  • viruses and Trojans,
  • unwanted programs.
Windows® remains as fast as the first day.
Restoring Windows® is very fast because only changes are undone.
Personal files are not overwritten.
Less experienced users can restore Windows® with one click. This avoids expert help and saves a lot of money.
Reuschtools' unique selective restore makes it particularly suitable for PCs with SSDs or SSHDs.
A bootable recovery environment can restore your Windows® on a blank hard disk.
Reuschtools is made in Germany.
It is designed for Windows® XP to Windows® 11 and has been approved by many users and companies since 2007.


  • Encrypts files and folders military grade, without entering a password.
  • Specifies additional people, who can read the encrypted data.
  • Creates transportable encrypted ZIPs, which can be opened without password.
  • Requires Windows® Professional.
CryptManager has been developed for people who, for example, are subject to medical or legal confidentiality. The General Data Protection Regulation of the EU says in Article 5(1)(f): Personal data shall be processed in a manner that ensures protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing by using appropriate technical measures. Data must therefore be securely protected against access by third parties even if a PC is stolen or repaired by a third party. On the other hand, it should be easy to exchange confidential data with other authorized persons via insecure channels. Since cloud storage often does not comply with the prescribed data security standards, backups must be stored there in encrypted form.
CryptManager is included in Reuschtools Backup and Recovery.

Free Software

FileProtection Protects your files from beeing modified by Ransomware.
CopyCD Copies CDs and DVDs, or creates .iso files.
LobbyBrowser The good Internet browser for Windows®.

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